Forms & Fees

Application, request and ordering information for VQA members

VQA Forms & Fees

Request What Form is used for Fee Form
Winery Membership Application and Annual Renewal To apply for membership. Membership is required to produce VQA wines. The membership year runs from April 1 to March 31. Applications made after October 1 of any given year will be subject to a fee of $250.00 plus HST. Lapsed members must reapply and pay the full application fee. Wineries that resign and continue to sell VQA wines must pay all membership arrears if they join within 5 years of resignation. $500.00 plus HST Online Contact VQAO for login information
Wine Approval Application To apply to have wine evaluated and approved to use VQA terms and descriptors. Includes tasting, packaging review and laboratory testing. Fee increased November 1, 2021, reflecting increased laboratory costs. $310.00 plus HST Online
Tasting Panel Reconsideration For each product which is submitted for reconsideration having failed the initial taste panel evaluation. $116.00 plus HST Online
Icewine and Late Harvest Monitoring Wineries and growers will be invoiced for monitoring services on a cost-recovery basis, in direct proportion to the number of brix tests conducted. All invoices will be sent to the grower or winery who registered the grapes. VQA Ontario will not re-invoice third party purchasers. Cost Recovery Online
Export Certificates To apply to have VQA wine certified for export to the European Union. Online processing is available for wines approved after April 1, 2009. For older wines, submit this form with a wine sample and a certificate of analysis. VQA Ontario does not provide export certificates or certificates of origin for other export destinations. A proof of VQA status document may be printed from the secure Wine Approval System under forms and reports for any individual wine. $ 50.00 plus HST Online
Wine Transfers To report the transfer of wine from one VQA winery to another. This must be completed before the transfer to retain eligibility for VQA status. No Fee Online
Monthly Sales Report Report sales of VQA wines on a monthly basis.
(Mandatory, even if no sales have occurred)
Due 10th of each month. (Updated form Jan 20, 2021)
$0.045 per litre sold Monthly Sales Report Form V26.0 (xls, 4.6MB)
Request for a Regulation Change Request a change to the VQA regulations No Fee Request for Regulation Change (PDF) (14K)
Request for Regulation Change (Word Doc)(23K)
Winery Inspection For any re-inspection or additional site visit required due to winery staff absence or inability to provide information at the time of a scheduled inspection or audit. $250.00 plus HST  


Fees for Additional LCBO Laboratory Services when Conducted through VQA Ontario

A full analysis is conducted as part of the VQA approval process and included in the application fee.
Additional testing or retesting of wines:

  1. Testing in addition to the regular approval screening will be invoiced at cost to the winery
  2. HST will be added to all fees
Service Fee Turnaround Technique
Copper $45 5 days Spectometry (ICP-MS)
Ethanol $45 5 days NIR
Free SO2 $35 7 days Skalar
3 days Titration
Total SO2 $35 7 days Skalar
3 days Titration
Total reducing sugars $35 7 days Skalar
Total acidity $25 3 days Titration
Turbidity $25 7 days Nephelometry
Volatile acidity $35
7 days Skalar
5 days Cash still


Member wineries have access to a secure online system where they can:

  • Access and update membership information and create user accounts for winery staff
  • Complete and submit wine approval applications
  • Monitor the progress of wine approvals testing
  • Register grapes for Late Harvest and Icewine and report harvest information (accessible by registered growers as well)

Applicants for new membership must contact VQA Ontario for an access code to apply for membership online.


VQA Ontario operates on a cost-recovery basis. Fees are collected from participating wineries to cover the cost of operations, including user-fees and a small levy on each bottle of VQA wine at the time of sale. Fees are set by the Board of Directors.